Gretchen Seefried, Psychotherapist for Adolescents, Adults & Children

Expanded services due to COVID


Offering teletherapy for teens and adults wrestling with stress, anxiety, depression, parenting challenges 

For people who are struggling in some aspect of their lives, I offer empathetic connection, stress management tools, and support in self-regulating during challenging times.


Staying centered through self-care is so critical whether you are isolated or living in too-close quarters, especially in a time of crisis. I provide tweens, teens, and adults with a safe, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental space to manage feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as relationship or parenting challenges.


My work with children and parents is informed by a focus on attachment, training in brain science, and a toolkit of regulation activities.



Gretchen Seefried, LSW, CIMI, is a registered psychotherapist, seasoned parenting expert, and certified infant massage instructor in Denver, Colorado, who specializes in perinatal, early parenthood, and child-centered play therapy. She offers in-person and teletherapy sessions to clients in the Denver metro area.

Schedule an initial consultation. I look forward to learning about you and your family.

Safer Sounder LLC is a member of the nonprofit organization Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, which provides affordable, in-office therapy between $30 and $60 per session (between $30 and $80 for couples & family sessions)