Gretchen Seefried, LSW, CIMI

Children & Play Therapy

Is your child struggling with big feelings or confusing behavior? Kids experience anxiety, depression, and grief just like adults, but they don't have the language to name their emotions. Play therapy can help. 


Because play is their natural way of exploring their world and experimenting with different approaches to challenging events, playing alongside a caring and attuned therapist can lead a child to new ways of problem-solving, and to increased emotional regulation and healing.

Perinatal & Parent Counseling

Prenatal: Are you and your partner ready for the changes in your relationship that come with a new member of the family? Often couples focus on the pregnancy and forget to prepare for the actuality of a baby. Typical first-year marital distress can be avoided by planning ahead. Consider these prenatal prep tips and scheduling a session or two to talk about how you're each feeling about becoming a parent, while learning ways to inoculate your marriage against common stressors. 


Postpartum: ​As a new mom, are you struggling to cope with hormonal shifts, exhaustion, anxiety, isolation, and the sheer demands of caring for an infant 24/7? How support can help »

Parenting - The First 5 Years: Are your child’s meltdowns leading to your meltdowns? Do demands for the same book, or incessant "why" questions frustrate you? Are you worried about your preschooler’s behavior? Learn how you can benefit from a supportive and nonjudgmental space »

Infant Massage

Massage has long been an important part of daily care for infants around the world.


Regular massage in babies has been shown to:

  • Improve weight gain and normalize muscle tone

  • Enhance immune function

  • Improve circulation

  • Promote relaxation

  • Improve sensory and body awareness

  • Help with congestion, gas, and colic

  • Reduce levels of cortisol

  • Provide a positive form of interaction with parents

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Gretchen Seefried, LSW, CIMI, is a registered psychotherapist, seasoned parenting expert, and certified infant massage instructor in Denver, Colorado, who specializes in perinatal, early parenthood, and child-centered play therapy. She has a passion for babies, as well as the children and teens they become. She has been studying parenting for over 30 years and much of what she knows she learned on the job. Gretchen offers in-person and teletherapy sessions to clients in the Denver metro area. Read more about Gretchen »


Safer Sounder LLC is a member of the nonprofit organization Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, which provides affordable, in-office therapy between $30 and $60 per session (between $30 and $80 for couples & family sessions)

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