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The Postpartum Period

Having a baby creates a profound shift in a woman’s life. Both the process of birthing the baby, and then the reality of being responsible for a new fragile life can be completely overwhelming. Despite the fact that dozens of diverse cultures follow an “it takes a village” philosophy when it comes to new babies, our country’s continued focus on individualism and independence means most new mothers are expected to instantly feel and behave like a seasoned mom.


Increased cesarean sections, short hospital stays, far-flung families, inadequate maternity leave, financial strain, and a lack of parenting education all contribute to the challenges moms face adjusting to the new role of full-time caregiver. No wonder so many women struggle during their first year postpartum! Hormonal shifts, exhaustion, anxiety, isolation, and the sheer demands of caring for an infant 24/7 lead to a level of suffering that hurts mothers, babies, and the rest of their families.

Schedule an initial consultation. I look forward to learning about you and your family.

Therapeutic support can make a huge difference for women having a hard time postpartum. You can feel better, and life will look better when you have the support of a caring therapist who can help you reframe your thoughts, and provide you with tools to regain a sense of control.

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