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Your Other Mother

Even with the best mom imaginable, sometimes I needed another mother; someone who I could complain to, worry with, confess to, wonder with, and more. There was always Aunt Peg, my mom’s best friend. She had two sons, so a girl was kind of fun for her; and when I was little, she was my hero. Always late, always irreverent, and always honest. She would tell it like it was, something my quieter Mom sometimes wasn’t able to do. Then there was Maryl, who at halfway in between my mom’s age and mine, was just right as a mentor of sorts. Living next door, she was the perfect distance when I needed a quick check in with someone who could talk my language but still had an adult perspective.

With my own kids, I leaned on Christie, our babysitter. Just enough older than our oldest, she could talk sense to her without nagging or shaming during those turbulent teen years, when just the sound of my voice would send Kris’ eyes to rolling. Even at the very beginning of my parenting adventure, my sister-in-law was the one I called to ask if what I was feeling sounded like labor!

We all need other women to turn to at times; when you’re a mom, or about to become one, that need is greater, for sure. A “second mother” doesn’t replace your first mother, she just offers a different kind of support. Someone who can listen without judgement, validate your feelings, and ease your mind.

For those times when you need someone to turn to…but your mom, sister, or best friend doesn’t feel quite right, that’s when I hope you’ll call. Think of me as Your Other Mother.

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