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Stress Management

Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Grief

Taming Anxiety

Anxiety itself is not a bad thing; in fact, it is usually protective. It's what compels us to lock our doors, study for tests, and look both ways when we cross the street. But sometimes anxiety gets out of control and hijacks the brain.  When this happens, the body reacts. Learning how to calm our bodies through the use of effective therapy techniques can give us the pause we need to retrain our brains and tame the anxiety to a manageable level. 



When stress leads to depression, daily life can become a challenge. It helps to have someone listen, understand, and care. I can offer you some physical and psychological first aid to help you manage these emotions and provide you with tools you can use right now to feel better and to stay connected to yourself and your loved ones. 

Grief Therapy

Grief produces physical symptoms such as exhaustion, muscle pain, uncontrollable weeping, and a sense of numbness. It can alter your appetite and ruin your sleep. Emotions of sadness, despair, anger, worry can feel overwhelming. If you are experiencing such feelings, sharing them can help. I can offer you a safe haven for support and strategies to begin to feel better.

Find out the special ways therapy can help teens and adults manage stress, anxiety, and grief in their daily lives.
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