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Benefits of Infant Massage

Medical research points to the multitude of benefits of infant massage. As this evidence continues to come to light, infant massage has become increasingly popular among new parents as a daily preventive health practice, especially due to its safety and ease of application, as well as a joyful way to bond with your baby.  
Regular massage in babies has been shown to:
  • Improve weight gain and normalize muscle tone
  • Enhance immune function
  • Improve circulation
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve sensory and body awareness
  • Help with congestion, gas, and colic
  • Reduce levels of cortisol
  • Provide a positive form of interaction with parents



a woman massaging an infant to depict the benefits of infant massage
Daily massage is a proven way to encourage emotional bonding and decrease physical discomfort in infants. The sense of touch provides the first sensory input in life while still in the womb, and continues to be the primary means of experiencing the world throughout the lifespan (Field, Tiffany. Touch. 2014, MIT Press). Massage has long been an important part of daily care for infants around the world. It has only recently begun to be recognized in the western world as beneficial to both preterm and full-term infants. By learning infant massage technique you can prevent and alleviate physical discomfort while promoting and enhancing emotional connection. It’s a powerful, yet simple way to soothe or stimulate your child.

Infant Massage Instruction

Two hour-long in-home sessions (includes printed booklet & starter bottle of almond massage oil)

$100 total

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of infant massage?  Request a free 30-minute in-person or phone consultation.
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