Gretchen Seefried, Psychotherapist for Parents & Children

Gretchen Seefried, LSW, CIMI, is a registered psychotherapist, seasoned parenting expert, and certified infant massage instructor in Denver, Colorado, who specializes in perinatal, early parenthood, and child-centered play therapy. She offers in-person and teletherapy sessions to clients in the Denver metro area.

I am an introverted extrovert with an abundance of recipes, books, passwords and children. I have a passion for babies, as well as the children and teens they become. I’ve been studying parenting for nearly thirty years and much of what I know I learned on the job.


When my oldest was a preschooler, we began having morning battles over breakfast and wardrobe choices. One day things got so bad, when we arrived at nursery school, we both were in tears.. I’ll never forget the kind and nonjudgmental words of wisdom from her teacher:  “Pick your battles, and don’t fight about things that don’t matter.  Stop worrying about what other people think and listen to your child.”


While this didn’t solve every issue we would face in the years ahead, it sure was a great beginning. Within a day, the battles and the tears had stopped. I learned that giving my preschooler some sense of control ultimately helped her learn to make thoughtful choices. And that regulating my own emotions helped her learn to self-regulate as well.


Over the 25 years that have followed, I have remembered that guidance as I navigated both the main highways and the many side roads and detours of parenting my five children. The same daughter who pushed me to the edge back then, is now embarked on her own parenting journey with a busy toddler and a preschooler who is just as opinionated as was her mom!  As I reflect on my parenting years, there is deep gratitude for that early guidance from a seasoned and nonjudgmental parenting expert.


My mission is to help parents build the connections with their babies and children that are critical for secure attachment and happy lives.  I can support you through personalized parent counseling that will help you understand how your baby’s brain develops and how your child’s thought process works. 


By the time children start engaging in imaginative play at around age two, they are using play as their language. Through child-centered play therapy, I create a safe relationship with the children where they know that I care about them, accept them, believe in them, and want to be with them. The aim is to allow children to internalize these attitudes so they, in turn, feel good about themselves.